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Variable Rate Seeding

Variable rate seeding maps can be created to suit your field conditions. Maps can be created based on soil, slope, EC, or other data layers to best fit the variability present within the field. 

Variable Rate Fertilizer and Liming

Variable nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and micro recommendation can be made to correct deficiency across the field. Through variable rate fertilization, we are able to apply the precise rate need at each location across the field,  rather than applying an average rate across the whole field. Similarly, variable application of lime can help correct portions of the field with low pH and save money and product on the portions of the field that do not need application.

Variable Rate Irrigation

As our soils change, so does their ability to hold water. Variable irrigation management tailors the amount applied to the variation in soil water holding capacity, as well as compensating for the variable amount of water still available across soil types and terrain. 

Irrigation Scheduling

Knowing the optimum time to apply water can be tricky. An optimum window should be targeted between losing yield from water deficiency, and applying too soon, or more than needed and losing water and nutrients. Let us help you out with the irrigation scheduling challenge!

Soil Sampling

No field is uniform across the field. Grid sampling is the best way to discover the variable nutrient levels within the field. Grid sampling is best to obtain a  dense data set that can be used towards site specific nutrient applications. 

Site-Specific Fertilizer Recommendations

Based on grid soil sampling data, we can create variable rate fertilizer prescriptions to suit your needs and preferences. Site specific recommendations go a long ways towards correcting nutrient deficiencies across the field. 

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