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Know your Early Season Seedling Diseases

While spring so far this year has been fairly dry and warm, conditions can still arise that would lead to development of some early season corn seedling diseases. Follow along with this weeks blog to remind yourself of some of the symptoms of seedling diseases and what we can do about it.


· Six different species of fusarium can cause damage

· Plants have red/brown lesions

· Mesocotyl may die

· Can occur under a variety of weather conditions


· Show as red/brown scars forming on crown and brace roots

· As a seedling, visible as brown spots on mesocotyl and roots

· May not have above ground symptoms

· Often more severe in irrigated locations


· Rots the Seed before germination

· One of the most common fungi

· Prefers high moisture and low temps

· Mesocotyl will have black, slick lesions

· Inner part of root will remain white


· Blue/green fungus

· Leaf tips will turn brown in strips

· If they don’t die, they will stay stunted

· Prefers high temperatures

Seedling Blight

· Caused by Pythium, fusarium, rhizoctonia, or asperilligus


By the time we are able to identify one of these diseases in the field, there is usually nothing we can do to help them. However, we can take preventative measures by planting seed treated with a fungicide, use varieties that are highly rated against these diseases, rotate crops to break the disease cycle, and in some cases, improve drainage.


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