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Simplifying Seed Treatments

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

With planting right around the corner, we thought we’d drop in with a quick note about seed treatment options. There’s a lot of language and jargon around the different treatment options, so we will use this opportunity to clear things up and give you a bit of a cheat sheet for all things seed treatment.

First: Want to get the full rundown straight from Pioneer? Take a listen to this podcast on demystifying seed treatment.

LumiGen for Corn:

LumiGen seed treatment offers a multi pronged approach to protect against diseases, insects, and nematodes to keep your crop maximized for yield. The fungicide protects against a wide range of diseases and boasts 7 modes of action to provide optimum protection against pythium, fusarium, rhizoctonia, penicillium, aspergillus, and other seedbourne diseases. “Research shows corn treated with ipconazole, a recent addition to the disease protection offering, produced a yield advantage of 3 bu/A over the previous standard seed treatment and an average yield advantage of 8 bu/A in areas with early season stress.* Roots are also protected from nematodes with Lumialza nematicide. “Seed treated with Lumialza nematicide yielded an advantage of 3.7 bu/A under low nematode pressure, and up to 9 bu/A under heavier pressure in 2018 research trials. Lumivia and Lumisure protect from insects like wireworm, white grub, black cutworm, fall armyworm, seed corn maggot and more.

LumiGen for Soybeans:

LumiGen for soybeans also offers both disease, insect and the option to add nematode protection. Lumisena offers protection against many diseases, but most importantly the number one early-season disease in soybeans, Phytophthora. EverGol Energy and L-2030 biofungicide offer multiple modes of action to maximize yield potential and protect seedlings. Gaucho and Lumiderm offer top of the line insect protection against bean leaf beetle and seed corn maggot. The option to add ILEVO gives protection against SCN at the low rate, and SDS at a higher rate.

The summary: LumiGen help get your stand off to a better start with better stand establishment, more uniform stand, and stronger plants.


Fastand is an alternative seed fluency agent to talc and graphite. It improves seed flowability and seed placement over traditional options. It has also been shown to improve the natural growth of the plants and reduce nematode damage with its Systemic Acquired Resistance Technology.


Yes, we mentioned it above, but it deserves it’s own bullet point. 😊 ILEVO is offered at two rates, a lower rate for Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) and a higher rate for Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). ILEVO has been shown to have a 4.5 bu/ac yield increase in soybeans and has an 84% success rate across all years of trial data. Do you have acres with SDS spots? Protect your crop with a high rate of ILEVO.

Those are the basics? Let us know in the comments if there are any other treatments of products you’d like the rundown on!

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