Seed Treatments

PPST helps guard against seed and seedling diseases, including pythium, phytophthora, rhizoctonia, fusarium. It also fights against early season insect pressure from bean leaf beetle, seed corn magots, and soybean aphids. 

PPST formulation now consists of: PPST120+PPST2030+Gaucho 600+Evergol+Lumisena. PPST now includes Lumisena for optimum protection against phytophthora. ILeVO can additionally be included for protection against SDS and SCN. 


Inoculation can increase soybean yields, particularly in situations where soybeans have not been grown in the past 3 years, locations with low pH, in lighter textured soils, and in locations with extended drought or flooding. 

Talc and Graphite

Talc and Graphite can be applied seed to increase flowability of seed and saving you time when the weather is good for planting!

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