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Chatting about Qrome

Updated: Jan 14, 2021


We’ve been throwing that phrase around for a year or so now. You may recognize it as the Q that is on the end of some of our newer hybrids, ones like 1108Q or 1828Q. We wanted to take a minute and be very clear about what exactly is Qrome and what advantage it brings to your acres.

1. Qrome products have dual modes of action for both above and below ground pests. This includes the Bt proteins from Herculex. It also has a triple stack of defensive traits to go with the dual modes of action to provide the best performance against above and below ground traits.

2. Qrome products have excellent yield potential. No yield was sacrificed in the improved defensive nature of these varieties. Heurculex is a challenging trait to breed, but the way that the two Herculex traits are placed together in Qrome products makes it easier to work with than the same AMXT products. In fact, they show an 8.2 bushel advantage to competitive triple stack options on corn on corn acres and 6.9 bushel advantage across all acres over other triple stack products. These products are designed to go big, and we have really seen the yield advantage they provide on corn on corn acres here in NE Kansas.

3. Qrome products have been extensively tested. Since 2015 they have been in over 3,000 on farm trials. This proven performance guarantees you a great product for your acres. Qrome is available in a wide maturity range from 110 day hybrids, all the way up to 120 day hybrids. You can be confident in any Qrome product you select.

4. The local products we have available as Qrome Products:

· P1108Q

· P1244Q

· P1415Q

· P1716Q

· P1828Q

5. We recommend Qrome products for any corn on corn acres. The genetics are unbeatable for this management situation. This would be our first suggestion for placement. However the yields and genetics make it a good fit for a lot of acres, particularly ones where you may have had trouble with corn rootworm in the past.

We hope this short guide will better help you understand our Qrome product lineup and where they might fit in your operation!!s_kwcid=AL!9480!3!489984018418!b!!g!!%2Bpioneer%20%2Bqrome&gclid=Cj0KCQiA0fr_BRDaARIsAABw4EuC8t0Vhwlnstb6-d-yGUbduj8KAdk7GXWcmnUuOX6sVcl3z0Mc7tIaAu9_EALw_wcB

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