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PSS COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

With all the chaos and uncertainty going on in regards to COVID19, we wanted to take a minute to discuss what you can expect of us as Pederson Seed and Services. This includes the preparedness plan that we will enact to keep our customer base and employees as safe as possible.

Our Preparedness Plan

· We are suspending all in tractor ride alongs. As much as we enjoy this time with you and catching up on how your planting season is going, this will pose too large a risk by being unable to keep CDC recommended distance.

· When delivering seed to your farm, we will maintain CDC recommended distancing of 6 feet.

· Signing of electronic delivery tickets will be suspended. We will request a verbal authorization from you, and then sign with your approval. Ticket will be emailed to you as usual.

· We are making an effort to sanitize frequently touched items in the warehouse and office, including handles and remotes on seed tenders.

· Please try to limit foot traffic through the building. If we can move a scheduled in person meeting with you to a phone call or video conversation, we will do so. We will try to ramp up communication via email and online platforms to compensate for this.

An Evolving Situation

We understand that farmers cannot take the day off. We are so thankful for the sacrifices you and your families already make, and may have to make in the future. We are dedicated to getting you your seed so that you can continue working. However, that seed drop off may look a little different with no human contact. (Either dropping boxes in front of your shop, or if bringing seed to the field, requesting that you stay in the tractor cab or at a distance of 6 feet as we fill the planter.)

Increased Online Presence

Increasing isolation physically does not have to mean increased isolation emotionally. To that end, we are planning some online meetings on agronomy and planting topics for you to listen in on. Some of these may be pre-recorded and some may be live. We will share more information in the coming days. As always, you can find our content on our website,, on twitter @pedersonseed2, on Facebook as Pederson Seed and Services, and on Instagram as @pedersonseed.

Please Do Your Part

Thank you for doing your part to protect those who are the most vulnerable among us. We often don’t know the health conditions our friends and neighbors are struggling with, therefore, we must remember, if we are to successfully curtail the spread of disease, we must act with an abundance of caution.

If you are considered at risk, particularly if you have a compromised immune system, please let us know so we can develop a plan moving forward of how to limit interactions, but still supply you with what you need. We are happy to schedule phone calls and delivery of materials to you. Please use this time to trust in the things that truly matter, family, friends, and faith.

Resources are available to you. Check out these online resources:

Interested in how the spread of disease happens, and what social distancing can do to help? Check out this interesting infographic:

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