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THANK YOU!, Harvest Considerations, Conducting A Push Test

The Agronomy Advisor 8/9/18

Thank you for a great field day!

We were so excited and pleased to see so many of you turn out for our final summer event. Everyone enjoyed food, discussion, and seeing how this years product lineup performed. We are grateful for your business and the chance to interact, learn and grow together each year. 

Harvest Considerations for Drought Impacted Crops

Drought considerations extend beyond the growing season to harvest. Do you know what stalk rots may be affecting your fields? Or if you are at risk for any foliar or grain diseases? What changes in combine settings should be made to account for variable kernel size and small ears? If we do see grain diseases, how to we manage those for best grain quality and long term storage? Read our latest blog post for answers to these questions and resources to help us prepare for harvest.

Using the Push Test to Determine Stalk Quality

As stalk quality deteriorates, do you know how to check which fields are at the most risk? Use this handy infographic to learn how to use the push test to determine stalk quality, and which fields and hybrids should be harvested first.

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