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Drought, Defoliation, And Dates To Remember

The Agronomy Advisor 7/12/18

Dealing with Drought and Heat: How plants compensate during times of heat and drought stress

We've had a hot couple days, and are in for a few more. These temps, coupled with such dry conditions are really starting to affect the corn crop. The corn is at peak water usage; the plant uses its maximum amount of water in VT through R2 stages. With this high demand, many growers have been wondering what impact these conditions have on the crop, and what the plants can do to respond. Check out our blog post, Dealing with Drought and Heat, for answers to these questions.

Defoliation in Soybeans

We've been hearing about levels of japanese beetles and bean leaf beetles across the county. Do you know the percent defoliation due to insect feeding in your soybeans? Recall, in soybeans at the reproductive stage, defoliation must reach 20%. Prior to reproductive stage, the threshold is 30%. Check out this short video for a quick tutorial on how to assess insect feeding damage.

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