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Its all about the data..

Data is one of the most useful tools for helping us make informed decisions in our operation. Whether that data comes in the form of local weather data, fine tuned soil information, or studies outlining management practices for early planting, these unique datasets teach us valuable information for our operations. 

NEW weather stations are getting installed!

We have new Davis weather stations going in to replace the old DTN stations. There are two options for purchase: a cell station that can be placed at any field site with cell reception or a wifi enabled console. Both are capable of reporting data to the internet to be checked remotely. These stations are also capable of reporting data to Weather Underground. Weather Underground already has a large network of personal weather stations, adding reliability and accuracy to our local weather map. Contact Greg for purchase options.

We've been out collecting Veris data!

Veris data is useful for fine-tuning the information we already have about our soils. We all may know the general soil series boundaries across our fields, however when these soils were mapped in the 50-70's they were not mapped for the scale of precision agriculture we are seeing today.  Veris EC data gives us a much more detailed look at the changes we see in soil texture and particle size across the field. Soil texture has a strong relationship with water holding capacity, nutrient availability and rooting depth. All of these factors are items which we want to better manage--and EC data can help provide the data we need to make informed decisions about nutrient placement and rates, site specific genetics, and potential for crop production. Contact us for information on what Veris can do for you!

Soil Temperature and Corn Emergence

What effect do cool soil temperature have on corn emergence? What is the optimum temperature for uniform emergence? If we do plant early, what factors can help mitigate the stress cold temperatures and moisture place on the seed and seedling? Check out this Crop Insights on Soil Temperature and Corn Emergence to find out the best way to manage cool temperatures at emergence. 

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