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Planning for Planting

Its not too late to make some plans for planting and the growing season. This edition will focus on making some decisions for planting from variable rate seeding, setting up field trials, and sweet corn!

Variable Rate Seeding

We've been prepping a lot of fields for variable rate seeding. Its not too late to have us prep some prescription files for the planter. As variability increases in a field, the potential to see a benefit with VRS increases. Variable rate seeding can help increase yields and maximize the investment we make in seed. Contact us today to learn about the potential for variable rate seeding. 

You have questions. We want to help you find the answers. 

We all have questions regarding best management of our fields. What population should I be planting for corn and beans? How much of an influence does seeding depth have? How early can I be planting? What N rates and timing would work best? How do all of these factors influence yield? These are just a few of the issues that may be on your mind. 

Contact us to set up research on your farm to find local solutions to any of your questions. Our team will gladly help you set up trials, collect in season data, and analyze results. Its not too late to get a field trial set up for this growing season. 

Sweet Corn is here!

Our supply of sweet corn is here and ready to go! We have two conventional varieties available: Bodacious and Incredible. Three Roundup Ready options are also available: Anthem II, Temptation II, and SV9012SD. Stop in to pick some up, or we will have some available when we drop off seed this spring. 

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