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Spring is a time for new beginnings...

Spring is a time for new beginnings....

And we are seeing that here at Pederson Seed, where lots of new things have happened this week. First off, check out our brand new website! Its full of the same great information, with a brand new look. The new season also brings the start of seedlings emerging in the fields, and lots of seed deliveries! This newsletter will cover all that, and more.

We've launched a new website!

Check out our BRAND NEW! Visit the newly redesigned webpage and fill out our web feedback survey on the home page for a chance to win one of several different prizes. 40 acres of free soil sampling, a free bag of seed, a high performance cooler, and several travel coffee mugs are up for grabs. Be sure to check out the site and get entered to win! We are excited to have you stop by the new site and let us know what you think.

Its time to start looking for winter annuals...

Despite our cool, dry conditions, winter annuals are making their appearance. Be on the look out for seedlings hiding under residue. Many we've seen so far are the size of a dime or nickel, so take extra care when checking your fields. Some are even coming through fall burndown, so take time to talk to us about your spring burndown after planting options. 

Seed delivery has begun!

We've started delivering seed! Let us know your availability (days of the week) and when you'd like your seed dropped off (morning or afternoon preference) and we can schedule a good time to deliver. We are looking forward to a great spring!

Considering planting corn early?

Read this one page article outlining 3 factors to consider when planting corn early. Temperature and moisture conditions are among the important factors to consider.

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