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Summer Seminar Series, Spraying Updates, And Emergence Questions Answered!

The Agronomy Advisor 6/7/18

Spraying Updates

#Spray18 is well underway and we just wanted to give a few updates. Since the last rain some fields have a fresh flush of weed emerging, especially waterhemp. Its important to scout your fields regularly to assess size and density of weeds as well as growth stage of soybeans for optimum timing. 

We've seen really good success with engina on larger waterhemp. Its been taking down waterhemp plants that were around 12 inches tall. Remember this tool is in your arsenal for those fields with denser stands of waterhemp, or fields with patches of larger waterhemp. 

Finally, keep timing in mind if you are using FlexStar. The date for last application should be around June 15th. FlexStar has a 10 month rotation restriction. By keeping last application at June 15th, that should allow corn to be planted after April 15th. 

Contact any of the Pederson Seed Team with any questions.

Field treated with Engenia. Note the waterhemp in the foreground of photo that has been killed. 

The Emergence Exploration: How much of an impact does uniform emergence REALLY have?

For the past couple of growing seasons we’ve been conducting studies on emergence. Emergence is often touted as one of the hallmarks of optimum yield. We hear it from the big yield record holders like David Hula and Randy Dowdy: uniform emergence is important for maximizing yield. Randy Dowdy’s goal? Get all the plants up on the same day. The more uniform emergence, the higher yield potential you will have for that field. The adage states that a plant that emerges 48 hours after its neighbor would be considered a weed and that for maximum yield potential, all plants should be up within 48 hours of each other. So how true is this statement? Is there too much stock placed in getting everything up in 24 or 48 hours? Or does it have as big of an impact as assumed?

Check out our latest blog post to read more about emergence and the studies we've been conducting here in NE Kansas. 

We've had a change in dates! The second Summer Seminar Series will now be on July 17th. We hope to see you there!

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