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The Agronomy Advisor 4/19/18

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Soil Temp and GDU Update

Soil temps are at 41 degrees after a steep drop over the weekend. We saw some rebound in temperature until Wednesday morning. Cool temperatures on Wednesday kept the temps from increasing again this morning. From Monday the 16th until Saturday the 21st this week, we were projected to gain 25 GDU. We are expected to gain around 60 GDU's next week. Remember, around 120 GDU's are needed for emergence. 

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The importance of changing the planter field to field... As tempting as it is to hop in the tractor and go from field to field, its important to be continually checking planter settings and performance at each field site, and particularly in field sites that may be highly variable or fairly different from the previous location. Take a few minutes at each site to check over seed depth, down force, seed to soil contact and getting seed into moisture. If you have questions about planter adjustments, give us a call. Check out this article for some suggestions on adjusting the planter from field to field. 

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